Oh hi! It's Alexandra Gorobchenko

Graphic designer & illustrator

NASA Orion mission
Client: NASA Industry: Aeronautics and Space Administration #Concept Development #Poster Design
body wash
Client: Mason & Birch Location: USA Industry: Cosmetics # package design
Quit Genius
Client: Quit Genius Location: London, UK Industry: App #social media design #banner design #google ads design A series of posts that outlining social media of quit genius
unity of people
Jay Shetty
Client: Jay Shetty Location: London, UK Industry: Blogging #social media design
Client: Antonis Vradis Location: London, UK Industry: Social Science #illustration
Client: Accelerated Genetix Location: Argyle, US Industry: Food Supplements #package design #illustration
Client: Kokuun Location: Treviso, Italy Industry: Apparel #logo design #branding #illustration logo design for a shoe startup
Jumanji illustrated book/ russian edition.
Marisa Guzman is an emerging New York based photographer. Mainly known for portret photography, she wanted to update her branding in order to diversify her work, to make room for new projects and facilitate new collaborations with brands. The challenge of this visual identity was to create a logotype and a website with a modern and refined aesthetic to enhance the work of the photographer. Solution Inspired by the attention to detail of her work and her unique name, this visual identity is based on a minimalist signature with a sober and elegant typographic composition that gives way to her visual world. The website focuses on the fast display of projects and stands out for its modern interface. The site's architecture and ergonomics have been thought carefully and organized so the user has easy access to the content.
Cute Co
Cute Couture is a clothing brand that produces timeless wardrobe staples  made of premium fabrics, based in London. The company asked about to create a minimalist and modern brand. Their clothes are for modern women who want to look effortlessly chic,  prefer quality over quantity and care where their clothes come from. Cute Couture carries this concept in mind by utilising the classic versatile garments  made of high-quality fabrics including cashmere, silk and wool for the fairest price,  creating sustainable fashion brand offering fair-priced timeless must-haves appeared.
Seedlings is toddler enrichment classes program. This program is designed to give toddlers autonomy over their exploration. Seedlings classes aim to enrich auditory, visual, tactile, and experimental learning. Classes gives the opportunity to experiment and discover, learn to take direction, and enhance their gross and fine motor skills. The goal of the project is to cultivate an organic environment that nourishes creative and confident minds as well as kind and compassionate hearts.  The visual identity reflects the basis of their work: beautifully functional, grounded, simple modernity. The project included a complete conceptual development, visual identity and web design.
Vanessa Moazezi is a startup that approaches modern companies as an ally that offers premium service in financial, legal and accounting matters.  The project consisted on developing a dynamic identity system, aimed to creating strategic alliances in the future.  Vanessa Moazezi identity was designed considering that financial and legal issues are a sensitive subject. Therefore the visual communication is sober and timeless.
package design. paper tube. KININ makes bioactive personal aromatherapy products that help you relax, recover, and focus. Each product in line is comprised of a unique blend of natural plant extractions. For instance, the active components in our “relax” blend are kava kava, chamomile, and valerian root, all of which provide a calming effect without using prescription drugs or other synthetics.
The Client Artem Krivda is a natural enthusiast of style and design. All of his ideas and experiences are expressed on his collection. The Problem Development the brochure design of his collection in an elegant and vibrant way. Showcase  eclectic sensibility and colorful artistry of the designer. The Solution The main identity was designed as a minimal and elegant experience. I created an easy to explore brochure that allows the content to stand out.   The color palette revolves around the idea of femininity free of its more common social tags.  Using serif for the headlines and sans serif for the texts, I created the perfect balance between visual aesthetics and a factional typographic system.  A sense of editorial professionalism meets modern simplicity, sobering it without boring it. 
Griz is a music boutique specialized on premium points of purchase. Their added value relies on the fact that each of their pieces are carefully selected from their catalogue, as well their ability to manage an entire music project for a specific space. When it came to their identity, Griz knew the importance of portraying their products' sophistication. They approached us asking for a for a brand identity that communicated the brand's elegance above anything else. The monogram is inspired on the language of electric diagrams and it is complemented with a sober serif typeface
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